Serenity Pack: complete landlord protection

The Serenity Pack is for landlord(s) whose tenant(s) have undertaken an ImmoCaution rent guarantee, or landlords who have entrusted the management of their property to a property manager.

Property is often a good investment, but it is not always easy to find a good tenant. Even if you do find a rare gem, you can never escape the unknown. Tenants can quickly become a source of conflict, trouble and loss of money.

In fact, events such as job losses, separation, early departure, and simple disputes can place great strain on the relationship between a tenant and a landlord.

The Pack contains the following basic guarantees:

Pecuniary Losses

Guarantees that the beneficiary will be reimbursed for:

  • Rent, charges and any possible fees stipulated in the lease
  • Occupancy indemnities set by the court
  • Eviction procedure costs
  • Litigation costs
  • Reconstitution of notice in the event of the death of the tenant

Rental damage

Guarantees that the beneficiary will be reimbursed for:

  • Repair costs resulting from any damage to property or furnishings listed in the lease
  • Material damage resulting from an eviction procedure
  • Expert fees and charges
  • Half of the departure inventory fees issued by the bailiff
  • Re-rental fees during the period of works

Legal Protection

Intervention up to €19,452 per dispute includes :

  • Provision of advice and useful information
  • The search for an amicable solution that best meets their interests
  • Coverage of any lawyer's fees and charges incurred to settle the dispute

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Optional guarantees

Third-party legal protection

  • Protects the interests of non-occupant owners against third-parties, for potential disputes connected with the property guaranteed (co-ownership, heating engineer, banker, insurer, etc.)

Rental vacancy

  • Compensates pecuniary losses incurred by the insurer, in the event that the property guaranteed stands vacant

Reconstitution of notice

  • Guarantees the reimbursement of outstanding debts in the event that a tenant leaves early, without notice or secretly


  • Serenity general terms and conditions
  • General terms and conditions - Legal Protection Section
  • General terms and conditions - Extended Legal Protection Section
  • Fact sheet
  • Rules for acceptance
  • Product sheet

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